Chicago Waldorf School Summer Camps

Spend the summer engaged in a variety of activities taught by Waldorf teachers including: 

Outdoor Play  •  Observing & Studying Nature  •  Sports & Athletic Movement  •  Urban Art Attack  • 
Songwriting & Strings Instruments  •  "Make" Camps: Carving, Sculpture & Handwork  •  ...and more!

Waldorf Summer Camp provides a full day for children to explore materials, processes and the city, and connect with new friends while participating in varied teacher-led activities. Three sessions throughout the day provide campers with a variety of experiences to engage their inquisitive natures. Physical activities like Tennis, Jumprope, Breakdancing and German Wheel are paired with urban explorations through Parkour and Urban Art Attack (exploring Chicago's cultural neighborhood murals and making a mural project). Make Camps include activities to carve, sculpt, and use your hands to make objects in metals, wood and clay. Songs & Strings camp will provide the campers with the opportunity to play stringed instruments and engage in songwriting too. See the specific details below. The camp day is from 8:30am til 3pm, with optional Aftercare from 3-5pm.


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EARLY CHILDHOOD CAMP .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  June 20 - Aug 5   (Weeks 1-7)  

Seven weeks of summer camp exclusively for our youngest campers! The Early Childhood (EC) Summer Camp is dedicated to children from 3 to 7 yrs old. This camp is led by veteran Waldorf teacher, Andrea Shaffer, and will be held almost completely out of doors. Activities will include gardening, building, cooking, crafts, singing and LOTS of free play. Andrea Shaffer has 25 years' experience as an early childhood and grade school teacher, gym teacher and middle and high school coach at the Chicago Waldorf School. Morning snacks and afternoon nap time will be provided.

Use the EC Registration Form & separate Permissions Form
(For children 3 thru 7 years old / EC classes & rising 1st graders)


SUMMER CAMPS 2016 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  June 20 - Aug 5   (Weeks 1-7) 

Waldorf summer day camp for older children (6 years up to 18 years old) offers rotating activities with different teachers over three daily sessions and a lunch break that will include activities to challenge the head, heart and hands. Snacks will be provided. The Summer Camp includes these special topics as part of the daily sessions:


Parkour, led by Kurt Gowan of Parkourways
Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Parkour is the art of moving beautifully, efficiently and with tremendous strength from place to place. Master teacher Kurt Gowan will lead  classes and for older students also guide strength and weight training. Mr. Gowan is the founder of Parkourways as well as a teacher at Chicago Waldorf School   

Jump rope for your heart! led by Ashley Gambill
Week 2

Ashley Gambill is a German teacher in the school, and she has also been teaching jump rope during Circus Clubs. This summer she will be teaching individual and team jump rope skills, exercises to keep your heart healthy and ways to incorporate music and jump rope performance together. 

Breakdancing, led by CJ Williams of Connect Force
Weeks 3, 4

Chicago Waldorf teacher CJ Williams is the co-founder of Connect Force and also a member of the Break-a-bulls. He is a nationally competing breakdancer and also has a background in circus and gymnastics. CJ will lead students through the basics and intermediate levels of breakdancing moves for fun and fitness

German Wheel led by CirquesExperience Director Wolfgang Bientzle .  .  .  Weeks 4, 5
Wolfgang Bientzle is the founder of CirquesExperience as well as seven time world champion of the German Wheel. He and his team will lead students through the basics of wheel and into more advanced skills in this spectacular athletic performance activity.

Tennis, led by Alex Boshell, CWS Athletics Director
Weeks 1, 6, 7

Alex Boshell has played tennis at elite levels, and coached tennis champions. He is a teacher and Athletic Director at the Chicago Waldorf School and will introduce and coach your student in the fundamentals and techniques of Tennis in an age appropriate and challenging way.

Games at the Lakefront, led by Alex Boshell, CWS Athletics Director .  .  .  .  Weeks 6, 7
Nothing is better than being by the lake! Alex Boshell (profiled above) will lead students in games and play at Chicago’s beautiful lakefront. These games will instill an appreciation of nature, cooperation and fitness.

Open Gym and Sports before Sports, led by a CWS Athletics Coach .  .  .  .  Weeks 6, 7
For older students, this is an opportunity to come into the gym with friends to play and work on fundamentals supervised by a knowledgeable coach and teacher. For younger students this is a fun way to learn the fundamentals of sports movement in the context of imaginative games.


Build, Shape and Carve led by Katherine Rogers
Weeks 1, 2

Artist and Chicago Waldorf Teacher, Katherine Rogers, will lead students in an exploration of materials such as clay, wood, metal and tools such as hammers, gouges and your very own hands. This sculptural class is taught fully in 3-D!

Songs and Strings led by Brendan Finucane
Weeks 3, 4

This camp has been one of our most popular camps, and is led by master cellist and Chicago Waldorf teacher, Brendan Finucane. Mr. Finucane will play music and help students with their own musical song inventions. Please note that the final day of camp is a full day, ending at 3pm.

Urban Art Attack led by CJ Williams
Weeks 5, 6, 7

CJ Williams will introduce students to the basics of large public murals. Class activities will include artist visits, mural tours, instruction on lettering and imagery, and will end with the students making a large scale mural.


Here are the Activities Schedules per age groups (Grades 2-5 and Grades 6 and up):


Use these LINKED FORMS to enroll:

- SUMMER CAMPS Registration Form (for campers aged 7 to 18 years old)

- EARLY CHILDHOOD CAMP Registration Form (for campers aged 3 to 7 years old)

- Summer Camps PERMISSIONS FORM (required for all campers)

Or call our Main Office at 773.465-2662 to register and make payment by phone.


Seven 1 week sessions are offered.  Pick one week, multiple weeks or all summer!

Full day camp sessions run weekdays from 8:30am-3:00pm. Optional Aftercare from 3:00-5:00pm.

•  Select as long or as short a day as you want! Sign up for sessions throughout the day to customize coverage or select the topics that your child will enjoy.
•  Camp fees are indicated on the registration form by sessions; Select all the sessions you want and add them up to determine your total cost for a full week of camp.
•  All materials, equipment and supply costs are included within the camp sessions tuition fees.
•  Payment is due with registration form, and must be submitted at least the week before a camp session begins.
•  Because spaces are reserved, refunds/discounts are not available for absenses or early pickups.
•  Snacks will be provided in full day camps (included in camp tuition). Campers bring their own bag lunches.
•  Campers wear clothes appropriate for each camp's activities (details are outlined on the first day of camp).
•  Single Day Drop-Ins to Aftercare are available (on a "if space is available" basis) for all campers at a rate of $40.00 per day. Drop-Ins must be prearranged 48 hrs ahead of time with the Main Office.

or call our main office at 773.465-2662 to register by phone.
Also please submit this permissions form, required for camp enrollment.