Athletics Program


Interscholastic athletic activities play an important role in the overall growth and development of students in 6th-12th grades. This is an important arena for social interactions, for the execution of strategic thinking, and for building facility with collaborative team dynamics. Student athleticism is an integral learning experience that refines the development of physical strength and agility, develops manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Additionally the athletics program provides an exciting opportunity for students, families and community members to experience and express their school pride.

Middle School Athletics offer students a participatory opportunity that stresses team work, sportsmanship, dedication, personal responsibility, and discipline. There are no tryouts or “cuts” from teams in this age bracket; the goal being to give all students the opportunity to participate in—and learn about—sports they are interested in.

High School Athletics introduces a higher level of competition to students in the enhanced experience of striving in a test of skills against worthy opponents. In our athletics program, student athletes can expect to be challenged, and to improve and excel.

Our Junior-Varsity and Varsity teams participate in seasonal league play against other independent schools and in city-wide tournaments. We expect all our student athletes to be dignified, focused, dedicated players who conduct themselves with pride and grace in inter-scholastic conferences and in representing the school at public events.

The Middle School Teams are members of the Chicago Area Middle School (CAMS) Conference. Our High School is a full member of the Illinois High School Association (IHSA). Our High School teams are affiliated with the Chicago Prep Conference and the Metro Prep Conference. All of our interscholastic games and contests follow the league rules of their various conference organizations.

The Athletics Program

Our team sports offerings currently include basketball, volleyball, and flag football for Middle School (Grades 6-8). High School students (Grades 9-12) may participate in all these teams and also in additional sports including soccer and swimming. These teams all participate in conference play with other teams in their divisions. Students often represent the school in individual or club competition in a variety of other sports as well. In the past these have included fencing, crew, cycling, golf, rock climbing, swimming, diving and other specialized sports. Our Athletic program is expanding and adaptable; it responds annually to student interest and initiative in establishing league and club sports.

Sports Teams

      Fall   Winter   Spring
  Middle School Boys     Flag Football      Basketball  


  Middle School Girls      Volleyball      Basketball  


  High School Boys      Flag Football  or




  High School Girls      Volleyball      Basketball


  Independent Club Competition      varied by student committment      varied by student committment      varied by student committment


Our athletics offerings include these team, club, and individual opportunities:

Additional Individual Athletic Program Options

  Club Sports (periodically rotating, based on student interest & participation)


Swimming & Diving

Circus Club

Rock Climbing

Danger & Beauty Hour
(a tumbling/gymnastics club)



Crew & Sculling



Ultimate Frisbee


Note: Important information about the Athletics Program and its specific policies and procedures can be found in the Chicago Waldorf School's All School Handbook in the Athletics Program Policies & Guidelines chapter.