Alumni Profiles- Class of 2005

College/University:  University of Vermont
Degree: BA in History & Spanish
Occupation: Education

Professional activities since graduating:

- Coach
-Advocate for equal education


Ask An Alumnus:

How was your transition from CWS to the next step in your education or career?

"When I began teaching in 2009, it was the first time in my life that I had spent any time in a public school. I was stepping into a completely foreign world and thought my Waldorf education would hold me back. I quickly discovered that the “think outside the box” attitude Waldorf instilled allowed me to navigate professional obstacles more easily than I anticipated. Finding myself teaching in a public charter school that served socially and economically disadvantaged families, I assumed my lack of experience with traditional public education would be an added challenge  What I found was just the opposite; my 15 years of Waldorf education became one of my greatest assets as a teacher. The diverse educational experiences I had at CWS equipped me to look at my students through a well-rounded and whole child approach, something that has proved invaluable as an educator."

How does your experience at CWS affect your current life and career?

"I have dedicated my life to education and strongly believe that every child deserves to have the same experience that I had: an excellent education. I am proud to be continuing to work every single day to ensure that all students receive the education they deserve, and believe every child should have access to an education that nurtures and inspires them. Waking up every morning knowing that I will have an impact on the life trajectory of the next generation is the most rewarding work I could ever ask for."

- Dakota Rubin, class of 2005