Alumni Profiles- Class of 2015


Attending: Northwestern University / Evanston, IL
College Major: Political Science and Psychology, Double Major

Professional activities since graduating CWS:

Current internship offers with Senator Dick Durbin & Circuit Court Judge Jim McGing


Ask An Alumnus:

How can students make the most of the opportunities available at CWS?

"Waldorf gives you the ability to make as much of your education as you want, similar to college. My advice to current students is to take that opportunity to learn as much as you can. Each morning lesson block offers you a bit of knowledge in a different field. Challenge yourself to dive more in depth. Pursue projects that you’re interested in."

What is your advice to parents and students who wonder how it is to make a transition from CWS to college?

"The learning curve freshman year is a steep one, but I really began to appreciate my Waldorf education when the time came to write reports and papers and speak with professors. My advice to current parents and students wondering about the transition is to stick with it. Transitions aren’t always smooth or easy but don’t let that take away from where you’ve come from and where you’re going. When I wrote my resume for the first time I was amazed at the experience Waldorf gave me the opportunity to have.

CWS instilled in me a love of community service. The service learning trips each year fostered a love of helping others and an appreciation for nature. Traveling and doing what I can to help others is a drive that shapes my life. The relationships that I built with my classmates at Waldorf will last a life time. None of my friends at college have such a strong bond with their former classmates. My friends from Waldorf and I have traveled together and visited each other. Parents of friends have sent care packages. Waldorf built a community that follows you when you leave."

- Anyah Akanni, class of 2015