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Welcome to the Chicago Waldorf School's archive of forms for the Registrar and other program enrollment and exemption forms. Click on the links below for the documents you need. Below the links, see the "Descriptions of Resources" for explanations of each form and its related deadlines and uses.

These forms are due before the start of the academic year.

  • Health Exam Form                                                     (posted 11-17-2015)

  • Sports Physical Exam Form                                      (posted 6-1-2017)

  • Dental Exam Form                                                     (posted 3-12-2013)

  • Eye Exam Form                                                          (posted 3-12-2013)

  • Immunization Waiver Form                                       (posted 10-5-2015)

  • Photography Restriction Form                                 (posted 9-26-2014)

  • Copy of birth certificate, (for new students)

  • Copy of health insurance card, (front & back)


OTHER INSTITUTIONAL FORMS   /    Varied deadlines are listed on the forms


Description of Resources:

Health Exam Form
The Health Exam Form is required for any returning student at their point of entry into Early Childhood (EC) and for every following year enrolled in EC, 1st, 6th, and 9th grades, as well as for any new student enrolling for the first time (regardless of their grade) at CWS. These health exams are required to be submitted to the Registrar before the start of school. Submission Deadline: August 1st

Sports Physical Exam Form
The Sports Physical Exam Form is required to be submitted for entry into 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade for any student wishing to participate in a CWS team sports program (regardless of whether they participated last year). These sports physical exams are required every year a student participates in a sport. The form is only valid for one year. Submission Deadline: August 1st

Dental Exam Form
The Dental Exam Form is required to be submitted for Kindergarten, 2nd and 6th grade.
Submission Deadline: August 1st

Eye Exam Form
The Eye Exam Form is required to be submitted for Kindergarten.
Submission Deadline: August 1st

Immunization Exemption Form
The Immunization Exemption Form is required to be submitted every year for all students whose parents have chosen not to immunize their child, or for those children with a medical illness that does not allow for vaccines as recommended by their physician. Submission Deadline: August 1st

Proof of Medical Insurance
Medical insurance is required to be on file before a student is allowed to attend an overnight class trip. Families without insurance are able to purchase a small travel insurance plan for the trip duration of the field trip. More information regarding travel insurance is available with the school Registrar. Deadline: August 1st

Photography Restriction Form
Use the Photography Restriction Form if you wish to opt out of having Chicago Waldorf School use photographs of your child for internal uses (like yearbook), external uses (like promotional ads and marketing brochures) and community uses (like school newsletters). Submission Deadline: October 1st


OTHER INSTITUTIONAL FORMS  (not necessary for academic registration):

Summer Camp Permissions Form
The Summer Camp Permissions Form is required at time of enrollment for all summer campers authorizing them to be able to take transportation to field trip destinations and it also authorizes permission for photographs of the campers to be taken in camp activities and field trips.

Emergency Contact Information Form
Use the Emergency Contact Information Form to supply the school with your most up-to-date contact information and the student's (or summer camper's) doctor's contact information.  

World Exchange Program Application
The Chicago Waldorf High School offers a distinctive world exchange and cultural immersion experience that sets our school’s Language Program apart from many others. This program has offered exchanges between Waldorf student host families for over 15 years, placing students within the larger worldwide network of Waldorf schools primarily in German or Spanish speaking countries. Exchanges have attended schools in countries such as Chile, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Argentina and Peru. Use the World Exchange Application Form after reading the program's Policies and Procedures. For more information contact Sr. Alberto Correa at

Request to Issue a CWS High School Transcript
Receive or send a CWS High School transcript to college admissions departments, or other institutions. Use this link to submit requests through  Further inquiries, contact the school Registrar, Keya Graves.

Transcript Request Form For Admission to CWS
Use this form to request your prior school send their academic transcript to the CWS Enrollment Department. Further questions, contact Enrollment Director, Laura Grenholm.

Medication Authorization Form
To authorize faculty and staff to administer your child's medications during field trips and off-campus events. Submit this completed form to your child's teacher or grade advisor.

Master Calendar Event Submission Form
Use this form to submit any community events (or event changes) for inclusion in the CWS institutional calendars. Faculty use this form to submit parent evenings, class plays and class field trips. Parents and other event planners use this form to submit festivals, assemblies and other community events to the calendars. To use, 1- save it to your desktop, 2-type in all fields to complete information 3-save the completed form and 4-send as an attachment to Some computers may not allow you to type directly into the form; in which case print it out, complete with pen, and submit to the Main Office, Rogers Park Campus.

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