Waldorf Student Art Notecards and Calendars for 2014

These beautiful calendars and notecards feature "wet on wet" watercolor artworks by students of different ages and grades that demonstrate the painting curriculum in Waldorf Schools. Enjoy the richness of student expression from a variety of Waldorf schools throughout North America like schools in Rochester Hills, Michigan; Anchorage, Alaska; Nashville, Tennessee; Shelburne, Vermont; Newtown, Connecticut; Santa Cruz, California; and many more. The artworks reflect traditional Waldorf thematic topics, curriculum subjects and projects explored in each grade.

CLICK HERE to see visual samples of all the Waldorf student art in the 2013 notecards and 2014 calendar.

All new 2014 Waldorf School Calendars feature beautiful, lush colorful Waldorf student artworks.
2014 Calendars are now selling for $16.00! (with further discounts for bulk purchasing 15 or more)

2014 Calendars have all new artworks collected this past year while the Note Cards are available in a variety of designs, sizes and sets. They make great gifts!

To place your order, contact Daisy Hu at 773.828.8451 or at calendarandnotecards@chicagowaldorf.org WHOLESALE PRICING AVAILABLE for larger orders; inquire with Daisy.

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Please note our apologies for this eratta (name mispellings or misidentifications) in the calendar: 
The cover painting is by Mia McEachern of the Oakland Steiner School (Rochester Hills, Michigan)
Introduction page, octopus painting is by Micha Panian, Grade 4, Oakland Steiner School (Rochester Hills, MI)
Febuary page, left insert painting is by Micha Panian, Grade 4, Oakland Steiner School (Rochester Hills, MI)


Samples of Student Art Notecards:

To see ALL the images in 2013 card sets and 2014 calendar, download this PDF with visual samples.

New pricing lowered from last years prices!  Additional discounts for quantity purchases:

  Description   Price & Quantity  
  Wall Calendars (12.75" X 9.75")
       with traditional month grid
       showing days of the week
  $16 each   ($12.80 each for 15+)
       1 fourteen month calendar
       with curriculum descriptions
  Large Notecards (7" X 5")
     - Splendor of Trees Set
     - Radiance Set

     - Deep In the Woods Set
  $15 each   ($12 each for 15+)
       12 cards / 4 images per set
       includes 12 envelopes
  Medium Notecards (5" X 3.5")
     - Magical Realms Set  (6 images)
     - Nature Song Set (4 images)
     - Animal Set (4 images)
     - Magic & Myth Set
(4 images)
  $9 each   ($7.20 each for 15+)
       12 cards / 4 or 6 images per set
       includes 12 envelopes
  Small Gift Cards (3.5" X 2.5")
     - Odyssey Set
     - Mixed Set
  $ 5 each   ($4 each for 15+)
       12 cards / 4 images per set
      includes 12 envelopes
  Holiday Cards (7" X 5")
     - Joy of Winter Set (4 images)
     - Christmas Set (6 images)
(seasonal greetings text inside)
  $20 each    ($16 each for 15+)
      24 cards / 4 images or 6 images per set
     includes 24 envelopes


All cards are blank inside except for the HOLIDAY CARDS which have non-denominational seasons greetings.

WHOLESALE PRICING AVAILABLE for school stores and retailers.
Inquire to place orders at 773.828.8451 or calendarandnotecards@chicagowaldorf.org


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