All School Handbook - A Complete Guide for Families

The All School Handbook is a foundational resource for all families of enrolled students at Chicago Waldorf School. The faculty and staff have written this handbook to answer questions about our programs, and to detail the expectations involved in our school life. The handbook defines the school's regulations, procedures, and policies as well as its institutional mission, values and vision. Commitment to these principles builds integrity, trust and respect among all members of our school community. These institutional standards of conduct, academic responsibility, and communication help define and support a healthy academic and social community.

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For All Age Students & their Families

All enrolled High School students and their parents, as well as the parents of students enrolled in the Early Childhood Program, the Grade School and Middle School are expected to read this handbook before school starts in September. Enrolling in the Chicago Waldorf School contractually obligates all family members and students to abide by the policies and guidelines delineated in the handbook.

For High School Students & Families

In the handbook you will find a section dedicated exclusively to expectations, policies and procedures for our High School with specific details about the High School programs, curriculum, class times and block schedules.