Practical Arts

Working a flat piece of copper into bowls and stands (seen above) takes will, focus, and a steady hand. Bringing teenagers out of their heads and working with their hands keeps them grounded and present. Especially when they are navigating a 400 degree firing kiln. Each project presents its own set of challenges and rewards: understanding the material, developing the dexterity needed to work with that material, designing, engineering, dealing with mistakes, and finally, experiencing the satisfaction of making a useful object. Practical arts woven throughout the Waldorf curriculum include knitting, sewing, felting, woodworking, metal working and stone carving. 

5th grade sock knitting.

The 6th grade learns hand sewing by creating a 3D elephant. 7th and 8th graders step up to machine sewing to make clothing and messenger bags.

8th grade hand-carved wooden boxes, designed by the students.

10th graders work carving limestone.