Chicago Waldorf School Capital Campaign

CWS provides a deep-rooted, active educational tradition that has created—and been supported by—a strong and dedicated community. We now find ourselves needing a larger permanent home to fulfill the next stage of our growth. Our current building is near full capacity and is limiting the enrollment and programs of the school.

Our goal is to secure a home for our school that can be built to the specific needs of our unique Waldorf education. To achieve this we need to either renovate our current building or acquire a new space, creating a permanent Waldorf campus that enhances our programs and adds resources to our students and community.

We are poised to expand to a new Waldorf Campus in Chicago

We have opportunities happening now and we are prepared to move forward on our permanent campus plans. Our dreams and aspirations have turned into planning and action. Successful fundraising galas in 2013 and 2015 raised over $1.6 million towards our $4 million capital campaign goal.

   <<  A robust campaign fund
           will enable CWS to make
          the strongest bid on emerging
                                     opportunities for a new campus!

Use the button above for a donation, or if you prefer to make a pledge or work out a payment plan over time please click here to contact Becky Moskowitz, Development Director who can help you arrange a customized plan.

With your support, our new school, with Waldorf-specific classrooms and a larger student body, will continue to reflect the diversity of our city. We will be a flagship institution for Waldorf education widely recognized for our challenging curriculum, our master teachers and our artistic, cultural and social contributions to our neighborhood and to the city of Chicago. Please do not wait to help make this inspiring vision a reality!

Join us in changing the future of the Chicago Waldorf School. 
Please give today to your greatest capacity.

Use the donation button above or call 773.828.8453 to make a gift in support of our school.
We accept credit card payments online and by phone or checks delivered to the Main Office.


Interested in the campaign for CWS' future permanent campus?
Consult with one of these community leaders:

Chicago Waldorf School's Capital Campaign Leadership

John Figiel, Capital Campaign Committee Chair
Valerie Colis
Colleen Everhart
Luke Goodwin
Bret Hartung
David Pilgrim
Kevin Rooney
Mike Rosenthal
Carol Triggiano

Staff:  Cat Bradley-Day

Campaign Counsel: The Alford Group