Chicago Waldorf School Capital Campaign

After 43 years, Chicago Waldorf School has a place to call home. We are excited and honored to bring students, teachers, and families alike to our new campus in Andersonville. This transition is a milestone in our education which embraces the past while preparing our students for a happy, compassionate, and successful future.

CWS provides a deep-rooted educational tradition that has created—and been supported by—a strong and dedicated community. We have now secured a permanent home to fulfill the next stage of our growth.



We own the new campus and we are moving forward on our building and grounds renovation plans. Our dreams and aspirations have turned into planning and action. Successful fundraising galas in 2013 and 2015 raised over $1.6 million towards our $4 million capital campaign goal.

   <<  A robust campaign fund
           will enable CWS to make
           the strongest renovations
                                      for our new campus!




The transformative power of a Waldorf education is best realized on a campus that embodies our core values.  Our new home will give us space to unlock the potential of generations of students through: 

•  Renovated, expanded and specialized classrooms
   that support an engaged and inspired student body

•  A transformed outdoor campus with ample green space
   to guide students’ exploration and connection to the natural environment

•  The community experience created in our central auditorium
   will host our many festivals, assemblies, concerts, and guest speakers
   that encourage and advance our school’s social mission 

The new campus will allow us to plant the roots of Waldorf education that will benefit students for years to come; students who will develop the confidence and self-direction to shape the future and change the world. 

Use the button above for a donation, or if you prefer to make a pledge or work out a payment plan over time please contact Becky Moskowitz, Development Director who can help you arrange a customized plan.

With your support, our new school with Waldorf-designed classrooms will attract a growing student body, who reflect the diversity of our city. With this move we become the largest Waldorf school in the country (in terms of facility size) and we will continue to be a flagship institution for Waldorf education widely recognized for our challenging curriculum, our master teachers and our artistic, cultural and social contributions to our neighborhood and to the city of Chicago. Please help make this inspiring vision a reality!

Join us in supporting the future of the Chicago Waldorf School. 
Please give today to your greatest capacity.

Consider how your donation will grow, multiply and effect the lives of so many current and future students and families. Your gift will yield the legacy of generations of strong, independent Waldorf students just like a mighty oak acorn yields full and fruitful forests over time.

Use the donation button above or call 773.828.8453 to make a gift in support of our school.
We accept credit card payments online and by phone or checks delivered to the Main Office.

THANK YOU.  It's how we give that changes everything.