World Language Exchange

As part of the extensive global network of Waldorf schools in Columbia, Chile, Austria, Switzerland, Korea, Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Kyrgyzstan, France, and Peru, among others, we offer a unique exchange program that places our High School students in Spanish or German-speaking Waldorf Schools* across the world and welcomes exchange students and international students to visit and enroll in our school. (*If you are interested in initiating a language exchange with a Waldorf School in a country that is not Spanish or German-speaking, we support that as well. Please inquire for more details.)

Over 17 years old and growing, approximately 50% of our High School students currently participate in this distinctive program in which High School sophomores and juniors have the opportunity to spend part of a semester abroad⎯usually the duration of three to four academic blocks, approximately 6-12 weeks. They may choose from any of the Spanish- or German-speaking Waldorf schools from around the world and initiate a relationship with a host family from that school. Living with that family, they immerse themselves in the daily life of another language and culture, while continuing their current curriculum at their host's local Waldorf school. 

Upon their return, they also accommodate their partner exchange student for a reciprocal experience at the Chicago Waldorf School.

How to apply for the world exchange program

Current CWS HS Students may apply to the Language Exchange program with this Application Form.

HS Students from Abroad interested in applying to Chicago Waldorf School Language Exchange are welcomed!  Students interested in applying from Spanish or German speaking countries may contact Sr. Alberto Correa, World Exchange Coordinator,


Full-time Applications from International Students

Applications from students living abroad are warmly welcomed

Some international students prefer to attend our school full time for a year, or for the full course of our Grade School, Middle School and High School programs. We value the diversity of our own community⎯and the beneficial expansion in the classroom experience⎯that our international students bring with their rich cultural experiences, histories and viewpoints. Because we have limited openings for direct exchange of international students, and because the Language Exchange program is only for partial segments of the school year, we also offer international students the option for enrollment for a complete semester, for a full academic year or for longer. Interested international applicants are encouraged to contact Lisa Payton, Enrollment Director, at to determine if there are openings available for entering your preferred academic year. If accepted for enrollment, an I-20 visa petition will be sent to the applicant along with details on proceeding with the American consulate for U.S. admission for study.