Arts and Humanities - Developing the Articulate Voice

Waldorf education adheres strongly to the belief that every student has an imagination and an artistic capacity to bring their ideas to life. As educational research continues to confirm, developing these abilities also supports the emergence of creative thinking and problem-solving skills in addition to helping students discover confidence and wonder in the inherent beauty of the world. By incorporating the arts into the general curriculum, all learning at the Chicago Waldorf School is enhanced through multi-sensory experiences of the subjects. Students also develop a deeper ownership of their course work when they put together their own lesson books, participate in activities such as drama and music productions and enhance their observational skills through their own artistic renderings.

The Chicago Waldorf School offers specialized instruction in music, fine arts, practical arts and drama. The Music program includes an all high school chorus and the opportunity to choose among music elective classes that meet twice a week, including Jazz Band, Chamber Ensemble, Guitar, Vocal Ensemble and African Drumming.

The object of education is to teach us to love
what is beautiful.

Plato (The Republic)

The Fine Arts programs at the Chicago Waldorf School includes metalwork, painting, drawing, stonework, clay sculpting, block printing, basketry, calligraphy and textiles. Students learn the basic principles of each art form while discovering new avenues for their own self-expression.

The Practical Arts program includes knitting, felting, sewing, crocheting and woodworking–all of which enhance work in the areas of math and science by helping students develop skills such as careful observation and planning, how to design patterns and much more.

Drama and Theater Arts are studied both in class and through the Drama Club. Productions are full-scale affairs incorporating set design, historical study, costume design and acting.