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The four levels of home

Sunday, November 9, 2014

We want our home to be a sanctuary for our family. It is good to look at both where we are now and also what are our hopes and dreams for our family. Rahima writes about the four levels of home, a useful way to consider both:



  • Spiritual: Everything you do reflects your values. What guides your choices—where and how you live, your child’s education, your own work? What do you bring from your own childhood that you would like to pass on to your children or else change? Are you connected to a faith or religion?
  • What are your hopes and dreams for your family?
  • What do you want for your children?


  • Emotional/Relational—How is your relationship with yourself, your spouse or partner if you have one, your child, your family and friends?
  • How is your balance between family and work, between family and time for yourself or with friend/family/spouse?


  • Rhythmical—Daily: Meals—are they at regular times? What is the quality of mealtimes? Do you eat together? Do the children help with prep and clean up?



  • What are bedtimes like? Do you have rhythms and routines?
  • Do you have any weekly rhythms—things you do on certain days?
  • What holidays do you celebrate? Birthdays?


  • Physical: What is the entrance of your home like?
  • What is the center of your home?
  • Is your home relaxed, controlled, out of control?
  • Where do your children spend most of their time?
  • What would an outside observer say is important to you?
  • Simplicity Parenting can help!


If you would like to make some changes (and who wouldn’t!) start with something small and doable—little things add up over time!

Kim Payne’s book, Simplicity Parenting, is a great resource for supporting this change process.