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Screen Free Week, May 4-10 and the gift of a story

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Welcome back!  I hope you had a great couple of weeks since we last met. 

In Chapter 8, “Nourishing Your Child’s Imagination and Creative Play,” the last part of the chapter is devoted to discussing nourishing your child’s imaginative play through stories.  She discusses the wonders of storytelling and writes about what kinds of stories are appropriate at different ages, looking always to your child to let you know when she is ready for the next step.  For the very youngest child, nursery rhymes and simple songs are good.  The very little one doesn’t have enough language to follow a story.  When they do, simple stories about their day or when they were little are wonderful.  You can move on to stories of when you were a child and then to repetitive stories (like the Gingerbread Man)  nature stories and fairy tales.  In  Beyond the Rainbow Bridge, Barbara Patterson includes a list of fairy tales that are appropriate for different ages.  This is a good guideline, but I would suggest that you always read the stories yourself first before you read them to your child.  I was so excited when a friend gave Rachel a book of fairy tales for her birthday.  I started reading one to her—I think it was Blue Beard—anyhow, I wasn’t too far into it when I realized that it was totally inappropriate for her.  It stayed with her for a while—and me, too.  Learn from my mistakes!

Rahima also writes about watching movies of stories/fairy tales as opposed to hearing them read or told.  In that regard, I wanted to let you know that next week, May 4-10, May 4-10k is Screen-Free Week.k is Screen-Free Week.iry tales as opposed to hearing them read or told.  In that regard, I want is Screen-Free Week.  This week is celebrated by families as communities around the world as an opportunity to “rediscover the joys oflife beyond the screen.  Unplug from digital entertainment and spend your free time playing, reading, daydreaming, creating, exploring, and connecting with family and friends (*work and school assignments not included):  There is lots of information about this fun week on their website,  They also have lots of resources—information about the effects of screen time on children, things to do instead of watching or playing with screens.  These are interesting and great to share if you are so inclined. .  I’m giving you one of their handouts, entitiled “Healthy Kids in a Digital World.” 

 I invite you all to join me next week in turning off screens as entertainment.  It’s a good opportunity to give it a try if you’re not already

Important Dates—

Thursday, May 7—Tour and Orientation 8:30-10:30AM for adults only—last one of the year.

Saturday, May 16—May Fair from 10AM-4PM outdoor festival

Monday, May 25—No school, Memorial Day

Thursday, June 11—Last day of Parent Child Spring Session