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Imagine being the architect of your holidays by Sue Gimpel,

Monday, November 11, 2013

     Spend a few moments imagining your” Ideal Holiday Season”. Notice the environment you are in, what you are doing, and who you are with. Notice what you attracts and repulses you. Then make some notes and rate your preferences…  I’m Repulsed   I can take it or leave it Highly Desirable
Gifts:     1----------------2---------------3------------------4---------------5
What gifts specifically? Toys, clothes, tickets to events? Handmade, fine art, or gift certificates?

Spending time with certain people:
Who? What are you doing together? Do you need to be in a particular location together?
Decorations:    1----------------2---------------3------------------4---------------5
What specifically? How much? Where to decorate?

Spiritual Rituals or Religious Celebrations :
Which ones? I.e. “ I do NOT want another obligatory New Year’s Eve Party! I do want….”

Activities:   1---------------2---------------3------------------4---------------5
Cultural, Nature, Artistic/Creative, Spiritual?  i.e. Is seeing the Nutcracker Ballet one of your traditions?

Travel:    1 --------------2---------------3------------------4---------------5
Visiting relatives or recreation?
Specialty Foods:  1 --------------2---------------3------------------4---------------5
i.e. “Its’ just not __________without …”

This year we hope to create more simplicity, closer connections, and:______________________________


The things that are most important to include in our Holiday Festivities are:


The things  I most wish to avoid during the Holidays this year are:


It is important for us to align the Holidays with our family’s values. Yet, I already know that _____________________( certain person/group) will be resisting the new ideas we have to:

In honoring our values, dreams, and atmosphere we wish to provide for our family, we are ready to meet the resistance from___________________________ (certain person/group).
This is our strategy to meet the expected resistance (conversations, letters, requests for support from identified helpers):


These are the daily & weekly  routines we wish to keep alive for our children in order to provide a sense of rhythm and predictability to balance the excitement and chaos of the Holidays:


Congratulations, you’ve taken the first steps in creating your dream for your family’s Holidays!   May the outer darkness be filled with the Light of Your Warmth and Connection!