Welcome Letter

Sunday, September 7, 2014

August 14th, 2014

Dear Buttercup Parents,

I hope everyone is having a joyous summer. It is always such a fun and memorable time of year, especially when you have little ones to experience it with. Now that the first day of school will soon be approaching us, I am happy to welcome all of you and start planting the seed for the upcoming school year.  Anne and I are blessed and honored to share this special time of transitioning (back) into school with you and your family. There are a few important dates coming up that will help us prepare for the school year.

Gathering in the Buttercup Classroom, Saturday August 30th, 9AM-10:30AM or 11AM-12:30PM

We would like to invite you and your children (siblings are welcome) to a welcome gathering in the classroom. We will have time for socializing, free play, and a story. We will provide drinks and snacks. We strongly encourage everyone to come. This event has really helped children with the transition (back) into school and with the space that they will be having class in. The story is also the one we will be telling the first weeks of school.

Due to the size of our classroom and the amount of people (parents, children, siblings), we think it would be best to break this up into two groups. This will aid in the comfort level of the children, as this will all be quite new to some of them. Please email me which time slot works best for you or if you are unable to come.

Our Buttercup classroom is across the street from the main building and 2 doors down from New Leaf. If you are unsure of where this is please just let me know and I can give you more detailed directions.

Parent Orientation Meeting, Tuesday September 2nd, 12:30PM-2PM

We hope that all parents (or at least one from each family) are able to attend this meeting. Hopefully you have already received an invitation to the orientation events taking place at the school on this day. Our meeting will begin 1 hour after the all school events are finished. In this meeting we will be introducing ourselves and a bit about us, previewing the school year, talking about what to expect on the first days of school, daily and weekly rhythms, birthdays, and holidays. I will also be asking for volunteers of those of who would like to be room parents or our PTO representative.  It is a great way to be more involved not only in the life of the classroom, but the community as well. If at least one parent is not able to attend from your family, please let me know ahead of time, so that I can be sure to get you all the information you need before school begins.  The meeting will be held in the Buttercup classroom.

On the first day of school, Thursday September 4th (2 day and 5 day) or Monday September 8th (3 day), please bring:

1. A pair of slippers.  The slippers should have backs.  Please make sure that they are comfortable and will stay on your child’s feet, as they will be wearing them all the time that we are inside.  Slipper socks or slippers with ribbing around the ankle work well.  We kindly ask you to please not send slippers with media characters.

2. A bag that can hang on their hook with a change of clothing, including underwear, socks, shirts, pants, and spare diapers if they are still transitioning out of them.  For those of you who were with me last year, we will no longer have the totes with their animals on them (handing them off to the new Morning Glories), so please bring you own. Please check your child’s extra clothing from time to time during the year to make sure that they are appropriate for the season and still fit. In order for your belongings to find their way home, we ask you to please label everything you send to school for your child, including outdoor wear.

3. If your child is staying for the afternoon, they will also need a pillow and a blanket that is large enough to cover them.  Each day your child stays for nap and lunch you are asked to bring a lunch from home that includes enough for lunch time as well as a snack for after nap.

You are welcome to bring all of these things to either of our in-class gatherings (Saturday or Tuesday).


I know emails may have changed or you may have a few, so I would appreciate it if all of you could please email me back letting me know that you received this letter and which address you prefer me to use. My email address is abarron@chicagowaldorf.org. Of course if you have any questions or comments please always feel free to contact me.


Here’s to a beautiful year! I look forward to seeing all of you soon.

 Amanda Barron