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9th Grade African Drumming - Course Description

Friday, August 22, 2014

West African Djembe Drumming

Teacher: M. Taylor

Required Materials: A djembe drum.

Prerequisites: none

Course Objectives: Students will develop technique, hand coordination and traditional rhythms in an ensemble. Additionally, students will investigate the cultural and historical significance of the djembe drum and the oral history of each rhythm and song.  Students will learn about the geography of regions specific to the tradition of the djembe, as well as Africa in general.

1. Students must bring their djembe to every class meeting, if they have a take-home rental. If a student arrives without a djembe more than twice, the student’s grade will be lowered by a full letter grade each occurrence thereafter.  Djembe's not rented for take-home will be provided by instructor.
2. Playing at inappropriate times will adversely affect student’s grade. Same applies to talking while others are being asked to perform.
3. Short pop verbal quizzes will be given sporadically throughout the semester.
4. Students must participate in final performance.

Based on participation, practice and attendance.


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