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Spanish I - Course Description

Friday, July 19, 2013

In Spanish I, students begin using terms and concepts in a variety of contexts: daily routines, identifying and describing people and things, terms related to family and professions, telling time, days of the week, months of the year, seasons, means of transportation, and weather expressions. They study the verbs ser and estar, regular verbs in the present tense, and some irregular verbs like ir and venir. Students practice the grammar structures in conversation, reading and listening comprehension, and writing. The students also prepare for the final exam by reviewing grammar, vocabulary, and cultural aspects covered throughout the course.

Faculty:                      Ileana Valencia, World Languages Teacher
Class Dates:            September 4, 2013-June 13, 2014
Curriculum Area:    World Languages


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First Week Objectives:

Give to the students a comfortable feeling and familiarity with the Spanish language for them to be able to see the similarities among the English language.

Cognate words:

El restaurante ______________________________________El hospital__________________________________

El doctor___________________________________________El policia____________________________________

El arquitecto________________________________________El ingeniero__________________________________

El artista__________________________________________  El actor____________________________________

El dentista_________________________________________ El pianista__________________________________

El estudiante_______________________________________ El presidente________________________________

El director_________________________________________ El conductor_________________________________

El pintor__________________________________________ El hotel__________________________________

El profesor________________________________________ La arquitectura_____________________________

La medicina______________________________________ La biologia_________________________________

La educacion_____________________________________ La ilusion__________________________________

La clase_________________________________________El drama___________________________________

La invitacion______________________________________La conversacion_______________________________

La television______________________________________La actitud____________________________________

La aptitud________________________________________La capacidad_________________________________