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9th Grade German I -Course Description

Friday, August 22, 2014

The German I class is a two-semester track class that meets four times a week for forty minutes. Students in German I could have no prior experience or little experience according to their language understanding.  In the first semester, the students will learn basic every day greetings, vocabulary and grammar. By the second semester, students will be asked to form more complex sentences, not only answer, but ask questions and learn more advanced grammar for writing and speaking. Students are evaluated on class participation, homework, quiz and final exam scores.

Benchmarks: At the end of the course students in the normal range of ability are expected to have mastered the following:

• Know greetings
• Know basic vocabulary such as seasons, months, days of the week, parts of the day, clock time, body parts, clothing, classroom items, free time activities, family and school subjects
• Know numbers to 100
• Understand dates and cardinal numbers
• Know and describe weather
• Distinguish between regular and irregular verbs
• Know how to conjugate regular and irregular verbs (including modal and separable verbs)
• Know personal pronouns
• Know how to use informal “you”, plural “you” and formal “you” appropriately
• Recognize possessive pronouns
• Understand singular and plural forms of nouns in nominative case
• Know basic descriptive adjectives
• Recognize basic prepositions in the accusative case
• Know and use basic conjunctions
• Understand different types of word order
• Understand negation
• Know and use articles in the nominative and accusative cases
• Indentify German speaking countries
• Know how to use a German-English dictionary
• Know the cultural differences between American and German school system

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