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Short Story Unit

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Assignment 1: Due Thursday, January 9

Read “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant.

Mark in the text where you see the following elements

Initial exposition
Rising action
Falling action

How many comparisons can you make between this story and Cinderella?
Turn in a list of at least five points of comparison, written in full sentences.


Assignment 2: Due Wednesday, January 15

Character Sketch

The two short stories we have read by Anton Chekhov do not have intricate plots. Instead, they rise strongly out of the characters. I would like you to invent a character interesting enough to “power” a short story.

Invent a character. The character must be human (no animals, no aliens, no robots) but other than that there are no restrictions.

Write two to three paragraphs in which you describe your character and your character also reveals himself or herself through speaking, acting, reacting or making choices.

It is your choice whether or not to reveal your character’s thoughts.

200-300 words.


Assignment 3: Due Friday, January 17


Conversation alone can tell a story. Write a dialogue between two characters. Challenge yourself to reveal as much as possible through their conversation and to rely as little as possible upon description (though you may include some.)
Their conversation should reveal where they are and what they are doing. Perhaps they are in conflict with each other. Perhaps they are cooperating against a common danger or in a common goal.

200 – 300 words


Assignment 4: Due Wednesday, January 22


Imagine a place where a story could unfold. It is your choice whether or not to include a character.
Set a tone. Challenge yourself to fill your setting with invitation, danger or possibility.

200-300 words.