9th Grade English

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9th Grade English Assignments

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ninth Grade Homework due Wednesday, Septemberr 25

Read the Declaration of Sentiments published by the women and men who attended  the Seneca Falls Convention in New York in 1848. It is modeled after the Declaration of Independence. Pay special attention to the women’s list of grievances at the end.

From the list of 16 grievances, choose two or three that you find especially oppressive or especially surprising. Comment on them in two or three short paragraphs why you chose them.


Ninth Grade Homework due Wednesday , September 18

Finish reading The Life of Frederick Douglass.


Ninth Grade Homework due Tuesday, September 17

Read Chapter 10 of The Life of FrederickDouglass. Be ready for a quiz.


Ninth Grade Homework
Due Wednesday, September 11

Read chapters 6-9 of The Life of Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass said of his mistress in Baltimore, Sophia Auld, “Slavery proved as injurious to her as it did to me.” What does he mean by this? How did slavery “injure” slave owners? Support your ideas with examples from the text. (Two or three paragraphs,  200-250  words).


Ninth Grade Homework
Due Tuesday, September 10

Read Chapters 1 – 5 of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Choose three vocabulary words.
Write each one down each word in its sentence.
Look up and write down the part of speech and the definition.
If you find more than one part of speech or more than one definition, choose the one that most closely fits the way that Frederick Douglass used the word.

Ninth Grade Homework
Due Monday, September 9

Based on our work in class, and using the D. H. Lawrence poem for inspiration, write a poem about an encounter you have had with an animal.

I am looking for fresh accurate language, clear observations and good strong comparisons.

There is no particular length requirement, but I want a well-developed picture.


Ninth Grade Assignment #1
Due Friday, September 6

Using May Sarton’s poems as inspiration, write your own riddle.

First choose an object or a phenomenon
A clock, a thunderstorm, a foot, a bicycle
Describe it as carefully, accurately and mysteriously as you can
Put your description in poetic form.
Your objective –
to puzzle us
to surprise us
to make us see the object in a new way