Black and White Drawing - Course Description

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The purpose of this block is to show the students how tones of light and dark reveal form, and to prepare them for linoleum block printing. This course allows them to spend long periods of time drawing each other's portraits in profile, full face, and ¾ profile, drawing from imagination, and working out tonal plane relationships. Drawings are done in both charcoal and graphite on white paper, and in white chalk and pencils on black paper.

Written Assignment due at the end of the block.

Write an essay about your experiences in Black and White Drawing several pages long using the What, How,Why and Who format:

What; describe what materials are needed and what the Drawing Course is about. What did you learn, what did you get out of the Drawing Course.

How; this may be the most extensive part of the essay. Describe how to fold a paper, finding the proportions of the head with the schematic, how does one use the schematic to make an individual likeness,  etc.,