Welcome to 7th Grade Art!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Specialized art blocks (periods of study) provide opportunities for students to explore a wide range of traditional artistic forms. Students learn Modeling and Sculpture with beeswax figures in the early grades followed by stone sculpture and ceramics in the High School. Students begin Painting with wet-on-wet watercolor in the 1st grade; this practice is usually taught by class teachers until High School, at which point students take lessons in veil painting, portraiture and landscape painting with oils. Drawing is a core skill for students illustrating their main lesson books. In High School the students continue this discipline with studies in black and white drawing, block printing and drawing the human form. Woodworking often begins in 5th grade and continues into the High School. Metalworking is taught in grades 9-12 including form building in beaten copper and enameling.