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Welcome to 6th Grade German

Liebe Eltern,

The students in 6th grade German will focus on learning, acting, conjugating all types of verbs from irregular and very frequently used verbs, to various regular verbs--the top 30 most used in everyday language as well as all the types of stem-vowel changing verbs which will prepare them to differentiate and categorize them for learning the past tense. With these verbs, the students will also have conversations, write their own dialogues and incorporate new vocabulary of school subjects, food, drink and restaurant settings and clothing articles. In connection with their English grammar lessons, we will begin our journey into the cases (Kasus), naming the subejcts-Nominativ and direct objects-Akkusativ. In this way, we will write and observe the change in pronouns and articles from ich --> mich (like I --> me) and der  --> den (unlike the --> the). The students will really begin to look at their own language more consciously, compare how their own differs from others and when and way changes happen.

To bring direct culture into the lessons, we will look at the map of Germany, observe that it lies in the heart of a very large and prominent continent, learn its states, capitals and neighboring countries by name. I'll share my stories and experiences from living and traveling in these cities, they will illustrate these maps and hopefully be able to pen pal with other 6th graders from a German Waldorf School (it's still in the works...den Daumen druecken--fingers crossed!) And lastly and most enjoyably for the students, we will cook, bake and read different German recipes that will make their mouths water! 

The 6th graders begin the year in their first German block which lasts until mid-October. Our World Language program is taught in blocks where grades 1,3,5 and 7 are learning Spanish while grades 2, 4, 6 and 8 are learning German. Every 5-6 weeks we alternate which means each grade sees both German and Spanish three times a year in blocks of 5-6 weeks and within each week the students have three or four classes a week for 40 minutes to an hour. 

Please contact me through email if you have any questions!

Viele Gruesse,

Frau Gambill