Welcome to 6th Grade Art!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Practice of the arts is essential for the development of rich perceptual capacities of the individual student and provides an excellent basis for thematic group work and problem solving. It also contributes significantly to the following areas of development: 1) Increasing precision of manual dexterity and hand/eye coordination, 2) Exploring the content taught in main lesson in diverse and creative ways, and 3) Learning to see a creative process from start to finish through a series of revisions.

Clay is a great medium to model with when grasped and handled with our hands. Senses, feelings and thoughts are affected. It is transforming that lump of clay into simple universal forms of our environment that strengthens our powers of observation, influences our power of thinking and deepens the knowledge of human development.

In the sixth grade one of the emphasis in art class will be on the process of transforming a lump of clay into spheres, then eggs, then into other shapes such as animals and human figures (in this specific sequence). The interaction and gesture between human beings will also be modeled. 

In drawing/shading exercises; the students will explore the relation-ship between light and dark. By avoiding outlines in shading, the student can be free to enter into the living qualities of light and dark as in breathing, they will then rediscover the workings of these forces which lie behind the world of form.Some of the shading/drawing exercises are synchronized with the clay modeling. 

I look forward to working with your children this year.


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