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5th Grade Music (from Curriculum Evening Packet)

What is done in 5th Grade Music Class this year to meet my child’s development?
Fifth graders are in a year blessed with harmony in their bodies and emotional life. Beauty, grace and balance now characterize their movement and striving, including in music.

In music:

  • Move into singing part music, building to 3-parts by end of year.
  • Continued work on the recorder, new notes and additional scales; build toward 2- and 3- part music.
  • Continued instruction in music literacy – focus on harmony (intervals; major vs minor; hearing modulation), ancient Greek modes.
  • Continued work on musical skills from previous year. Beginning melodic dictation.
  • Music relating to curriculum: music from ancient India, Persia, Egypt and Greece; folk music from across North America, including Mexico and Canada.

What will my child achieve in music class by the end of the school year?

  • Improved skill on the recorder (clear tone, rhythms, different keys, sight reading).
  • Improved skill in being a sensitive, active listener.
  • Capable of learning and retaining one’s part in 2- and 3- part music.
  • Able to discern major vs minor.
  • Improved skills in music literacy and sight reading.

What are things that we can do at home to help support this work?
Overall, make music a part of your home/family life by:

  • Sing with your child.
  • Taking your child to classical music concerts (and not always the ones geared for children). Mozart in particular; chamber vocal ensembles and/or period instruments doing Renaissance, Baroque through late 18th century music (pre-Beethoven).
  • (Note: Recorded music does not have the same beneficial effect as listening to live music. Brain research now shows sympathetic response when watching and hearing live music.)
  • Continue to assist your child in keeping a regular rhythm of practicing every day.
  • Take an active interest in the private lesson and be sure to be an advocate for your child as needed.
  • Be a model by finding something to work on regularly every day to improve your skill.

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