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Welcome to 5th Grade German

Liebe Eltern,

In the 5th Grade, the students will explore some already-familiar (and some new) vocabulary such as naming, guessing, describing and writing classroom items, family members and fruits, vegetables and market items along with learning their articles, plural forms and descriptions through adjectives. Learning the gender of objects and why will be the focus this year, as we begin to look more technically at the language. And on that note: I request that each student has their own German-English pocket dictionary. I have always found "Langenscheidt" to be the best and most logical of the dictionary brands. Below you can find links to Amazon and Barnes and Noble--the books range anywhere from $4-$11, new or used. Pocket dictionaries are a simple gateway into developing a student's inner curiosity for the language and an option for non-German speaking parents to help their child indirectly with the language. 

In conjunction with the fruits, vegetables and market items, the students will learn Autumn and Winter German songs and carols, sung often during the season. We will then take a field trip to the Christkindlmarket downtown in December where they will get to perform these songs, experience the smells and taste the savory and sweet food about which we learned. We will read some traditional myths from German-speaking countries and learn about their different flora, to connect with their Botany blocks. 

The 5th graders first German block begins in mid-October and they will have it for 5-6 weeks. Our World Language program is taught in blocks where grades 1,3,5 and 7 are learning Spanish while grades 2, 4, 6 and 8 are learning German. Every 5-6 weeks we alternate which means each grade sees both German and Spanish three times a year in blocks of 5-6 weeks and within each week the students have three or four classes a week for 40 minutes to an hour. 

Please contact me through email if you have any questions!

Viele Gruesse,

Frau Gambill