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2nd Grade - Heroic Tales & Ethical Fables

In second grade, children still have some of the imaginative self-focused consciousness of early childhood, but they are becoming more aware of their experience in a larger world and of the values and perspectives of others. Their sense of the inviolate security of immediate family is challenged and enhanced as they begin to establish a self-image that exists independently.

The second grade curriculum lays the essential foundations on three academic fronts:

Students practice Language Arts that lead into reading and writing skills. Through in-class oral storytelling, the actions and consequences of noble people undertaking quests introduce archetypal notions of good and evil and teach lessons of morality and responsibility.

Meanwhile Arithmetic Skills are solidified through addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division including place value computations. The students learn times tables through practice of rhythmic movement that builds their memorization skills.

The class learns Nature Stories that provide the basis for later studies in science and geography. Students practice music and rhythm in lyre and pentatonic flute classes. They explore the world and build social relationships through play in recess and in daily trips to local beaches and parks.

Main Learning Objectives

  • Main Lesson Skills : Conducting Responsible Tasks and Class/Group Dialogues, Experiencing stories and texts (via songs, poems, and plays) that envision themes, situations and outcomes
  • Language Arts: Writing through dictation, rhyming word families, sight words, simple sentence construction
  • Mathematics: Continuing practice with four math operations, including multi-digit problems (employing place carrying and remainders)
  • Sciences: Nature stories
  • Exercise: Students have multiple recesses and weekly field trips to energize their bodies and activate their minds in social play and exploration of the physical environment.

Special Subjects

  • Foreign Language: German, Spanish
  • Handwork: Purling
  • Music: Singing, Lyre & Pentatonic Flute
  • Eurythmy: Establishing Timing, Coordination and Spatial Awareness
  • Painting & Drawing: Form Drawings and Wet-on-Wet Painting for developmental (rather than artistic) exploration and assessment