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11 and 12th Grade: Portfolio and Technical Arts Course Description

Friday, August 22, 2014

The aim of the Technical Arts part of the Elective will be to explore use of digital painting and drawing media. We will begin with the basics, exploring use of software and the graphics tablet (along with the necessary laptop).From this humble beginning, we hope by the year’s end to reach our goal of being able to work equally well in terms of a convincingly representational technique with the graphics tablet, from both life and imagination, as we are able to do with traditional media.

Written assignment summarizing your experience in the course due at the end of each semester.

What; Describe what was worked on in terms of subject matter. What did you get out of the Technical Arts Course.

How; this may be the most extensive part of the essay. Describe drawing the methods of working digitally.

Why; what are the advantages and disadvantages of working digitally over other forms of drawing and painting.