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12 Grade Advanced German - Course Description

Friday, July 19, 2013

The German Level IV course is a two semester track class, which meets four times a week for forty minutes. This class is designed to build upon knowledge and skills the students have acquired taking German I-III. In the first semester the students are introduced to subjunctive I, relative clauses and da/wo-compounds. In the second semester the students will study various aspects of morphology and syntax.  In Level 4 students will explore a wide array of topics in German culture and history. Topics will relate to the travel plans, childhood memories and youth experiences, family and marriage, German fairy tales, vacation plans, animals, nature and household items. According to the students’ needs the content may vary.

The students are evaluated on their class participation, attendance, quizzes and tests (both oral and written), homework assignments and the presentation of a project on a cultural topic.

Benchmarks: At the end of the course students in a normal range of ability are expected to have mastered the following:

• Master the usage of subjunctive II and passive voice
• Understand the difference between subjunctive I and subjunctive II
• Master the difference between als/wenn/wann as well as subordinate clauses: den, um...zu and damit
• Know how to express an opinion about your family, marriage and childhood
• Know how to discuss travel and vacation plans
• Know how to express an opinion about home and household items
• Know the idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs
• Know how to apply coordinate clauses such as um/zu; damit; nachdem, als/ wenn and bevor

Faculty:                      Ashley Gambill, German Teacher
Class Dates:            September 4, 2013-June 13, 2014
Curriculum Area:    World Languages
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