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2013-14 Senior Year Calendar

Friday, November 1, 2013

Class of 2014 Senior Year Calendar

Sept 3:        1st Grade Welcome and Rose Ceremony Rehearsal (Dress Up!)
Sept 4:        1st Day of School and Rose Ceremony (Dress Up!)
Fall:             Once Every Week: Meet with Senior Project Advisor
Sept 5:         Bring in required notes and bibliography from Senior Project summer reading to English Class
Sept:            Make an appointment in late Sept. or in Oct. to meet with Ms. Meinke about college
Sept 4-6:     If preparing for a music scholarship audition/tape, meet with music teacher
Sept 7-14:   Maine Marine Biology Trip
Sept 17:       PICTURE DAY (Senior Portraits and Class Picture)
Sept 19-21: HS Camping Trip (Seniors Lead Discussions and Welcome 9th Grade)
Sept 27:       Michaelmas (12th paired with 1st)
Sept 27:       Ask one Humanities/Arts and one Math/Science Teacher to each write a college letter of recommendation                                   (these are usually submitted online by the teacher)
Sept 30:        Submit  internship ideas to class advisors (written & with contact information) ___________________________________________________________________________________

Oct 3:   Class of 2014 Parent Evening
Oct 5:   SAT Test (registration deadline is 9/6; late registration through 9/20)
Oct 14:  No School
Oct 15:  If you are applying to college via Early Action or Early Decision, make sure that Ms. Meinke knows where to send                        your transcript/counselor packet
Oct. 15:  Complete college essay; ask Mrs. Huckabay or Ms. Goodwin, plus Ms. Meinke, to review
Oct 15:  If preparing an art portfolio for admission or scholarship, meet with Mr. Dozier or
               Ms. Vig
Oct 23:  All School Meeting
Oct 26:   ACT Test (registration deadline is 9/27; late registration through 10/11)
Oct 28:   Make contact with and receive response from all potential internship sites
Oct 30:   Complete Common App and other college applications

Oct 31-Nov 1:  No School:  Parent-Teacher Conferences
Nov 1:               Please give Ms. Meinke your complete college list, including deadlines for each
Nov 1:              This date is often a College Application Deadline for Early Action or Early Decision
Nov 2:              SAT Test (registration deadline is 10/3; late registration through 10/18)
Nov 15:            This date is often a College Application Deadline for Early Action or Early Decision
Nov 19:            College Financial Aid Evening
Nov 27:            Noon dismissal (no school on Nov. 28 & 29)
Nov 27:             Rough outline completed in preparation for SP ML Block


Dec 1:   This date is often a College Application Deadline for Early Action
Dec 2:   Confirm senior internship with site and site mentor.  Complete Senior Internship Form and submit to class                                advisors.
Dec 3:    Winter Spiral (seniors participate)
Dec 7:   Holiday Fair and SAT Test (registration deadline 11/8; late registration through 11/22)
Dec 11: Deadline for having met with Mr. Dozier or Mrs. Vig and received approval for      
               creative/practical aspect of senior project
Dec 14:   ACT Test (registration deadline is 11/8; late registration through 11/22)
Dec 15:  This date is often a College Application Deadline for Early Action
Dec 15:   Complete art portfolios for college admission or scholarship
Dec 16:   Festival of Light (seniors present festival)
Dec 18:   Winter Concert (evening)
Dec 20:  Noon dismissal
Dec 20-Jan 5: Holiday break

Jan 1:    This date is often a College Application Deadline
Jan 1:    Submit FAFSA (preferably before Jan. 31)
Jan 15:  This date is often a College Application Deadline
Jan 20:  No School

Jan 23:  Class of 2014 Parent Evening

Jan 25:   SAT Test (registration deadline is 12/27; late registration through 1/10)


Feb 1:   This date is often a College Application Deadline
Feb 8:   ACT Test (registration deadline is 1/10; late registration through 1/24)
Feb 10-14:   Senior Project Rehearsal Week
Feb 15-23:  Mid-winter break
Feb 24-24:  Senior Project Rehearsal Week

Mar 4-7:   SENIOR PROJECTS PRESENTED (Days and times TBD)
Mar. 8:  SAT Test (registration deadline is 2/7; late registration through 2/21)
March 31:   Modified schedule for seniors begins due to preparation for the Senior Play

April 9:      Spring Concert (evening)
April 12:   ACT Test (registration deadline is 3/7; late registration through 3/21)
April 17:   Class of 2014 Parent Evening
April 19-27: Spring break

May 2:    Grandparents and Special Friends Day
May 3:   SAT Test (registration deadline is 4/4; late registration through 4/18)
May 17:  May Fair
May 18-22:  Senior Play Production Week
May 22-24:  SENIOR PLAY
June 9-13:  Elective Week & Portfolio Meetings
June 13:      Rose Ceremony and Graduation Rehearsal
June 15:     GRADUATION!