Projective Geometry Course Description

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Course Description:
“An approach to the secrets of space from the standpoint of artistic and imaginative insights.”- Lawrence Edwards
The 11th Grade Projective Geometry Block is a challenging, highly imaginative exercise, stretching the limits of our traditional “Euclidean” worldview.  Through various geometric constructions first discovered by Pappus, Desargues, Pascal and Brianchon, students explore the ways in which mathematicians for 2000 years flirted with the ideas which we now recognize as projective constructions. The effort moved forward when artists in the 15th century began to wonder how to depict scenes on flat paper that appeared to be three dimensional.  PG was only recognized and developed in the 19th century.  Through these explorations, we will come to appreciate a completely unfamiliar space reality that is just as valid, and in fact more generally true, than the one with which we are more used to dealing

Course Requirements:
Students will be required to take detailed notes, especially instructions for drawings, and then to create those drawings as accurately and beautifully as possible.  The morning lesson book will consist primarily of detailed geometric constructions done with straight edge and fine pencils and pens.  Many of the drawings will be quite beautiful, if done carefully and correctly. Many drawings will need to be practiced several times before putting them into final form.  Most drawing may have a short written explanation.
In addition, there may one or two short essays or research papers on topics of interest.

****ML BOOK FINAL DUE DATE: October 25, 2013   No Exceptions! ****

In addition, students may be evaluated on their understanding of the course material through short quizzes, and one closed note, final exam. 

I expect you will show up on time to class every day prepared, having completed HW, updated your ML book, and come with any questions.
I expect you to come with all materials necessary to do drawings in class, and to bring those materials home.  Not having materials will not be an excuse for not doing HW.
I expect you will participate actively and thoughtfully every day.
I expect you to do your own original work.
I expect you to prepare your Morning Lesson book so that it is accurate, neat, richly illustrated, colorful, and complete.

Grade Breakdown:
Participation: 10%
ML Book (completeness, accuracy, neatness, use of color and presentation): 60%
Exams and Quizzes: 30%

ML Book should contain:
Cover Page, Table of Contents, all Drawings and Assignments, Exams & Quizzes

Extra Credit Projects:  You will receive extra credit for doing extras of certain drawings (I will notify you of these) showing different arrangements of points and lines.


Faculty:                     Brian Gleichauf, High School Math Teacher
Class Dates:           September 30th - October 25th, 2013
Curriculum Area:    Morning Lesson Block

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