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Reading and Research Paper Schedule

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday, May 6               Work on Character Committees

                                       Character Presentations tomorrow

                                       HW: 50 ADDITIONAL note cards due Friday


Wednesday, May 7           Character Presentations

                                        HW: Note cards


Thursday, May 8               Research Day

                                       HW: Note cards due at end of class tomorrow


Friday, May 9                   Research Day/Individual Meetings

                                       HW: Read Hamlet 5.1.


Monday, May 12               Hamlet 5.1 Discussion/Performance

                                       HW: Outline due tomorrow


Tuesday, May 13              Hamlet 5.1 Discussion/Performance

                                       HW: Read Hamlet 5.2


Wednesday, May 14        Hamlet 5.2 Discussion/Performance

                                      MLA citations

                                      HW: Paper writing


Thursday, May 15            Hamlet 5.2 Discussion/Performance

                                      HW: Paper writing


Friday, May 16                Hamlet 5.2 Discussion/Performance

                                      HW: Paper writing


Tuesday, May 20             Hamlet wrap-up

                                      HW: Study for open book Hamlet test


Wednesday, May 21        Hamlet Test

                                      HW: Typed rough draft


Thursday, May 22            Peer Review of Rough Draft

                                      HW: Final draft due


Friday, May 23                Paper due