Enameling and Etching - Course Description

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In this block the students were asked to develop their own theme based on a contemporary issue they care about or are concerned about. We looked at newspapers and briefly discussed aspects of some current events to warm up the creative process. Once they had chosen their theme their next step was to make some designs and plan a process.  They were asked to incorporate enameling, etching and a 3D aspect in their design and prepare a list of required materials.
This approach requires a more collaborative environment since the projects require individualized attention and there is just one teacher. It also lays much more emphasis on individual responsibility, initiative and the problem solving capacities of the students. The students often discover hidden talents as well as capacities they need to strengthen as they move into their senior year.  All of the projects require the review, practice and integration of skills introduced in preceding metalwork blocks while challenging the students to be more inventive and creative.

This block is designed to prepare students for the challenges of Senior Studio.

Faculty:                     Frances Vig, High School Art Teacher
Class Dates:           January 8th-February 15th, 2013
Curriculum Area:   Art Block
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