Bookbinding - Course Description

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beginning with Japanese punch bindings, students learn to make a simple ledger book bound with the primary stitch from a single folded signature of eight pages and optional cover paper.  The next ledger is sewn from flyleaf pages with inner binding as well as inner corners, decorative outer bindings and a decorative paper cover. We progress, adding detail, through many Japanese style punch bindings. We spin our own sewing cord by hand from several strands of embroidery floss, with two people standing across the classroom from each other.  Fine decorative Japanese, Indian, and Italian papers are used for covers.  Then we begin hard cover books.  The first book block is prepared from 8 signatures sewn together with stout thread across gross grain ribbons using a French mattress stitch.  Hard covers and a flat, hard spine are cut from cardboard and covered with decorative papers joined with book cloth.  The book block is glued into its covers and placed into a press to produce a French groove.  Thicker books are sewn in the identical manner using more signatures.  A third variation using black paper creates a photo album or scrapbook making use of a different style of folding pages to allow for expansion when filled.  In the final weeks, students are encouraged to use these historically precise skills to create their own, unique work.

Faculty:                     Frances Vig, High School Art Teacher
Class Dates:           Februray 26th-March 28th, 2013
Curriculum Area:   Art Block
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