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F 10/25 - Trig- HW due T 10/29

Friday, October 25, 2013

READ pp. 83-87 (through Example 3)
- Reading a math book means read the text, but do it in small chunks - read a couple sentences or a paragraph, which may include explanations and definitions. Make sure you understand it reasonably well. If you do not, reread it until you do before moving on.
-When you come to an example, the text has already explained what the example is trying to illustrate. So, hide the answers in the example and try to answer the question or solve the problem presented in the example on your own. Only look at the example solution when you have your own solution to check or when you get stuck and need a hint.
-I highly recommend taking notes from the reading - including all definitions, any clarifying points, helpful examples or illustrations.

pp. 92-94
(NOTE: Be sure to include an explanation when asked for)
#1-12 (see definitions and example 1 (pp. 84-85)
#13-22 (see text and example 2 - pp. 85 (bottom) - 86 (top))
#23-24 (see pp. 86 (bottom) - 87 (top))
#25-28 (see example 3 (p. 87))

Answers to ODD exercises are on p. A68, for this section. Try the exercise before you check the answers.

BE PREPARED TO HAND THIS IN. We will go over them in class, but I will collect them before you leave.