U.S. Constitution - Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

We began our review today by discussing the importance of James Madison and his Virginia Plan. Using the worksheet as a guide, we went through the two-page document to see exactly what Madison was proposing, often comparing his work to the existing Articles of Confederation. Tomorrow we will continue our discussion of the Virgina Plan before turning to a counter-proposal offered by delegate William Paterson, the New Jersey Plan.

We spent the last half of the class working in pairs, crafting a collaborative essay about the Articles of Confederation.

Your collaborative essay is due tomorrow. As with all of your writing, I prefer that it be typed. If you choose to hand write your document, make sure it is legible to my old eyes! And please double-space or leave space between written work so I can make corrections.

You are also to begin working on your portrait of James Madison. This picture will be due in final form on Thursday.

A few of you had small corrections to make to your 1787 map of the United States. These should all be in final form tomorrow.

Remember, as I mentioned, I encourage everyone to take more and better notes. The low quiz scores I am seeing indicate to me that many of you are not giving the lectures your full attention. Finally, give your homework assignments the same attention you do to your quizzes. Quizzes and homework have equal weighting when I assign you your final block grade.

Keep cool.

Mr. Massie