U.S. Constitution - Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Today we continued to review and further examine Articles 1 - 3 of the Constitution, which lay out the powers and limitations of the three branches of government. We then discussed the odd institution known as the Electoral College. You should have turned in to me five statements of fact from your reading as well as the diagram for "How a Bill Becomes a Law." On Monday we will finish our study of the Constitution as a document, before turning our attention to the Bill of Rights.

Your homework for this weekend is to read the Bill of Rights (pg 37 of your reading booklet) as well as the short article "The Bill of Rights: A Brief History" and complete the study questions.

As we enter the homestretch of this block I understand that several of you may wish to raise your grade. If you want to do extra credit that is fine. I might suggest a portrait or a short essay about one of the men we have studied. Let me know what you are thinking about; this project needs my approval.

I wish you a happy and productive weekend.

Mr. Massie