U.S. Constitution - Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday, September 12, 2013

We began class today by looking at last night's reading and reviewing the Virginia Plan in preparation for tomorrow's quiz. I encourage you to re-read your notes, handouts and chart on the Virginia Plan.

Tonight's reading is about what happened at the convention after the New Jersey Plan was defeated. In addition to studying for your quiz, you are to:

Read the Connecticut Compromise article as well as the article entitled "Roger to the Rescue." From these readings you are to write down three questions as well as three important facts. Write these on a separate sheet of paper; you will turn them in to me in the morning. We will discuss these articles tomorrow, so come to class prepared to contribute. 

Read the Hamilton Plan (pgs 17 - 18) in your reading booklet and fill in the Hamilton column on your chart.

Create a portrait of Alexander Hamilton. Feel free to use the Internet for inspiration.

Finally, corrected essays should be resubmitted. This applies only to those who got back their essays from me today.


See you tomorrow

Mr. Massie