U.S. Constitution - Monday, September 9,2013

Monday, September 9, 2013

We began class today by looking at the article "Commander and Philosopher." We then took our second block quiz, this one on the Articles of Confederation, which I will return to you tomorrow. Finally I introduced you to James Madison and his Virginia Plan.

For tomorrow you should:

Read the Virginia Plan in your reading booklet and complete the worksheet. We will pick up our study here tomorrow, so come prepared with your good ideas and questions. Remember that you may have to read certain passages several times in order to figure out exactly what is being said.This is not easy reading! Fortunately it's only a couple of pages.

You are also to write an essay, describing the Articles of Confederation. You may wish to include the two great fears shared by most Americans at the time and how the Articles attempted to address these fears. The document's shortcomings created several unintended consequences that drove the nation to the brink of war and/or collapse. Shays' Rebellion was the final event which clearly showed the need for a new constitution. Use your notes to craft your essay and include names, facts, dates and quotes that help to support the story. We will share these documents in class tomorrow. You should make two copies of your essay; one will be turned in to me and the other is to be used by you as we continue our revision in class.

Keep cool!

Mr. Massie