U.S. Constitution - Friday, September 13, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Today we reviewed the New Jersey Plan and examined the Hamilton Plan before taking our quiz on the Virginia Plan. Make sure that your chart of the plans is filled in and up-to-date. We will fill in the final column, the Connecticut Compromise on Monday.

I am happy to report that most of the class improved their performance on today's quiz. I am also pleased to see more students raising their hands to participate in our class discussions. Keep up the good work!

Some of you have block book entries that are missing or not in final form. You know who you are.Finish these over the weekend and turn them in to me on Monday morning. Your only other homework assignment is to read the article entitled Pennsylvania Ratifies and complete the study questions. Remember to answer your study questions thoughtfully and completely, as homework assignments carry the same weight as the quizzes.

Have a lovely weekend and I'll see you bright and early Monday morning.

Mr. Massie