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Homework for week of 12.2.13

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Due Wednesday, December 4: Read Chapters 3 and 4, write one discussion question for each chapter

Due Friday, December 6: The Great Gatsby creative writing assignment.  

Choose from the ideas below to compose a creative writing piece on The Great Gatsby.  You may also choose an idea of your own as long as it shows your knowledge of the book.

- Letter from Nick to family back home about his experience out east

- Retelling of a scene from another character’s perspective (i.e. Jordan, Tom, Daisy)

- “How to be a Great Success” guidebook by Jay Gatsby, or “How to be Popular”, by Daisy Buchanan, etc.

- Diary entry of a character that describes a particular event in the novel

- Newspaper article about Gatsby’s lavish parties or another event 

This assignment should be approximately 250 words (1 page, double spaced, 12 font).   I will be grading you based on mechanics (25%), language use (25%), knowledge of the text (25%), and creativity (25%).  As you will only submit one draft of this assignment, please pay close attention to these guidelines.

Due Monday, December 9: Read Chapter 6 and write one discussion question.