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Due Monday, November 11: Written response to “Life as a Ceremony”

Friday, November 8, 2013

Review excerpts from the chapter, "Life is a Ceremony".  In 2-3 pararaphs (longer if you wish), answer the following questions about the ceremony of your life:  What do you appreciate most about your current daily ceremony? What would you like to change?  Do you feel in charge of the ceremony of your life, or do you feel that it is in charge of you?

Here is my example of the assignment: 

I appreciate the beginning of my day the most.  I feel inspired in the morning because I have a clean slate, which makes me feel rich with potential.  I enjoy drinking coffee – I can feel it warming my veins and waking up my muscles.  On the walk to the train, I am usually pretty clear headed – I can appreciate the bright colors of the leaves against the dark pavement, and I say hello to my neighbors, hastily walking their dogs around the block. 

In the office, my mental clarity slowly starts to deteriorate.  The computer glares at me menacingly, beckoning me to start on the numerous office projects that I have no wish to complete.  The phone cries.  The doorbell wails.  My head feels cramped and closed – I become short with my colleagues, and simultaneously upset at my lousy mood.

My head reopens when I teach the tenth graders, or when I go home and have conversations with my roommates.  Speaking with people in a more relaxed way feels good, and soothes my mind.  Still, at night my laptop and my phone get the better of me, and all of a sudden I can feel my mind beginning to race with anxious thoughts.  That blue screen is like an ice pick that chips away at the ceremony of my daily life.