Topics for Second Essay Assignment

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Topics for Essay #2
500 to 700 words long
5 – 7 paragraphs
Due Wednesday, November 13

The Coming of Laws (Repeat from last time)

As society became more complex, more complex government and laws were necessary. What might the laws of Hammurabi, tell us about Mesopotamian society? What kind of issues did they face that we do not face today? What laws deal with problems that are familiar to us? Where did the laws promote social order or guard against injustice.? Where do the laws seem unjust?

A Peaceful Life

A modern word that might be used for the Ancient Egyptian civilization is “isolationist”. Through much of their existence they were largely independent, self satisfied and self sufficient. They were also optimistic and prosperous. They were rarely invaded. What factors contributed to this state of affairs? Did this contribute to or detract from their greatness.

The World’s Greatest Builders

The Egyptians constructed the most magnificent edifices that the world had ever seen. In particular, the Great Pyramid was the tallest man made structure in the world for more than a thousand years. There was no economic advantage to building these huge temples, monuments and tombs and much of the population had to work very hard to create them. Discuss Egyptian architectural achievements and then consider what might be the good and bad effects of a society working together and devoting so much labor and expense to such huge projects.

The Story of the Two Brothers

What does this story of The Two Brothers reveal about Egyptian civilization and culture? What does it show about their attitude towards good and evil? If you like, you can compare this tale with Gilgamesh.

Herodotus, World Traveler

Herodotus was a Greek who was unfamiliar with Egyptian history and culture. What did he find in Egypt to admire and what did he find amusing or puzzling? What do his writings reveal about Egypt and what do they reveal about him?