Study Questions for Gilgamesh

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Study Questions for Gilgamesh, Tablets 1 – 5
Due Tuesday, October 29

Read Gilgamesh Tablet I- V (pages 7 – 16) and answer the following questions with complete sentences. Use the back of the sheet if necessary. This assignment is worth 10 points.

1. The story opens by praising Gilgamesh. List three of Gilgamesh’s accomplishments. (3 points)

2. What did Gilgamesh do that made the people complain and ask the gods for help? How did the gods respond? 4 points)

3. What made Enkidu seem almost more animal-like than human? What new things did he learn to enjoy after his time with Shamhat? (4 points)

4. How did Enkidu and Gilgamesh become friends? (2 point)

5. Whose idea is it to fight Humababa and who is more dubious?  (2 points)

6. How does Gilgamesh’s mother Ninsun feel about Gilgamesh going to fight Humbaba, and what task does she give to Enkdu?  (3 points)

7. After the journey begins, who is braver and who needs encouragement? During the fight, who is harsher? (2 points)

Study Questions for Gilgamesh Tablets 6 – 10
Due Wednesday, October 30

1. Why does Ishtar want Anu to give her the Bull of Heaven? (2 points)

2. What does Anu make sure of before he grants her wish?  (2 points)

3. How do Enkidu and Gilgamesh cooperate to kill the Bull of Heaven?  (2 points)

4. Why do you think the gods punished Enkidu with death instead of Gilgamesh? (Different answers are possible.) (3 points)

5. What does Gilgamesh have to do to pass through Mount Mashu? (2 points)

6. Who is Siduri and what is her advice to Gilgamesh? (2 points)

7. Who is Urshanabi and how does he help Gilgamesh? (2 points)

8. Who is Utnapishtim? Does it seem as if he will help Gilgamesh? Why or why not? (2 points)

9. Gilgamesh repeats the story of his grief three times using exactly the same words. What do you think is most horrifying to him about Enkidu’s death? (Different answers are possible.) (3 points)


Study Questions for Tablet 11
Due Monday, November 4

Utnapishtim tells Gilgamesh how the gods once secretly decided to destroy the city of Shuruppak with a flood.

1. How did Ea (the god of water) let Utnapishtim know what was happening?  (2 points)

2. Tell three things that Utnapishtim did to prepare for the flood. (3 points)

3. How did Utnapishtim know that the flood was over and it was safe to come out and sacrifice to the gods?  (2 points)

4. After Utnapishtim survived the flood, how did Enlil reward him? (2 points)

5. How did Utnapishtim’s wife show the passage of time while Gilgamesh was sleeping? (2 points)

6. What parting gift does Utnapishtim give to Gilgamesh “so that he can return to his land with honor”? (2 points)

7. How does Gilgamesh obtain this gift?  (2 points)

8. How is Gilgamesh’s plan for immortality thwarted?  (2 points)

9. What consolation does Gilgamesh find at the end of the story. Is the end of the story happy or sad? (Different answers are possible) (3 points)