Code of Hammurabi Assignments

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Code of Hammurabi Assignments

Prepare your assigned section to present to the class. You will stand at the front of the class and explain your section clearly. You may have notes with you, but confidence and good eye contact will be a part of your grade. This is a ten-point assignment.

Dylan B  -5 -  A judge who awards a fine incorrectly

Paul  - 9 -  Selling stolen property

Maddie B  - 48 -   Repaying loans if your crops are destroyed

Phil  - 53 -   Bad dam maintenance results in a flood

Maddie F - 108 - Tavern keeper overcharges

Guthrie - 109 -  Tavern keeper lets conspirators hold meetings.

Kyra - 117 -  Debt slavery

Niko  - 119 - Selling a slave who has borne you children.

Graham - 133 -  Wives of prisoners of war who have enough food

Taylor  - 134 -  Wives of prisoners of war who don’t have enough food

Liza  - 135 -   Wives of POWs  whose husbands return

Juliet  - 137 -  Divorce in a marriage with children

Maddie K - 138 -   Divorce in a marriage with no children

Dylan K - 142 - 243 -   Divorce initiated by an innocent woman. Divorce initiated by a guilty woman

Delphine  - 165-166 -  Dividing an estate with a brother who has received gifts. Dividing an estate with an unmarried brother

Nick - 168-169 -    Disowning an innocent son.  Disowning a guilty son

Sam 177 -    Remarriage for a widow with children

195 Emina - 195-196-197 -    Son who strikes his father. Man who puts out eye.  Man who breaks  bone

198 Max  - 198-199-200-201 -  Injuries to a freed man (former slave). Injuries to an equal. Knocking out teeth of an equal
                                                        Knocking out teeth of a freed man

Chris - 215-216-217 -    Successful eye operation. Successful operation on freed man. Successful operation on slave

Zo  - 218-219-220 -   Unsuccessful eye operation. Unsuccessful eye operation on freed man or slave.  Doctor accidentally                                           cuts out eye

221 Siubhan  - 221-222-223 - Broken bones and diseased tissue in an equal. In a freed man. In a slave.   

Silvia  - 224-225 -   Vet cures an ox or ass.  Vet kills an ox or ass

228 Ro - 228-220-230-231 -   Building a house. Houses falls down and kills owner. House kills owner’s son. House kills                                                           slave.

Silvia - 232-233 -    Poorly constructed house ruins possessions. House walls fall down before house is built

Tan  - 244-245-246 - Lion kills a rented ox or ass. Rented ox or ass killed through mistreatment. Rented ox or ass is injured

Grace - 247-248-249 -  Rented ox or ass loses an eye.  Rented ox or ass injures horn, tail or muzzle. Rented ox or ass                                                     struck down by God

Luisa - 251-252 -    An ox known to gore people kills someone.  An ox known to gore people kills a slave

Maria  - 259-260 -  A man steals a water wheel.  A man steels a shadduf

Luzie   A slave defies his master.