Ancient History Assignments November 11-15

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Monday, November 11

Create  a hieroglyphic page, similar to your cuneiform page.

Include a hieroglyphic inscription of your choice, properly captioned

Include a paragraph that mentions
         Materials used for hieroglyphics
         Picture quality of hieroglyphics
         Phonetic system similar to cuneiform
                (some individual letters and some determiners)
        Direction varied, determined by gaze of people and animals.
       Three types of writing
                 Hieroglyphic – for monuments, tombs, important inscriptions
                 Hieratic – faster, like cursive, still retained picture quality
                 Demotic – developed much later, much faster to write, no picture quality


Tuesday, November 12

Write an essay on the topic of your choice


Wednesday, November 13

Study for Quiz
Put final touches on drawings from Oriental Institute.
Make sure they are fully captioned with all the information you have.


Thursday, November 14

Write rough draft for a Phoenician alphabet page, similar to cuneiform and hieroglyphic page


Friday, November 15

Read Herodotus’ account of the Battle of Marathon.