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Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day
NO SCHOOL- at Rogers Park and Lincoln Square

Students and families, enjoy the holiday!

Monday, May 28, 2018

High School Service Learning Trips- 5/28 through 6/8
Various destinations by grade

The High School students embark on two weeks of service learning trips that involve working with social service institutions. The 9th grade will work on a Community Homestead Farm in upstate New York. The 10th grade will build homes in the parishes of New Orleans. The 11th grade will work with differently abled residents in a Camphill Village intentional community in New York State. The 12th grade will travel abroad this year to the Dominican Republic—where the students will work in a collaborative work program, while exploring themes of immigration, poverty, human rights, and socioeconomic disparity within the country. The students will work with local community leaders and organizations on a batey (pronounced buh-tay) which are located in the sugar cane fields where workers live. Traditionally these migrant workers are Haitians, and many bateyes have become permanent residences. The seniors are partnering with batey leaders on building projects for the improvement of homes, construction of latrines, maintenance of community gardens/facilities, and on education projects.