The Bulletin

You’re Invited to the 12th Grade Play!

Monday, May 2013


Tina Howe’s Museum is performed Thursday – Saturday, May 16 – 18 at 7:30pm

(Recommended for grades 5+) - CWS Auditorium

Parents, faculty, alumni and ALL members of the CWS community are invited to see the senior class in their final dramatic production. Yes, that’s right; it’s time for the annual 12th grade play! This year the seniors are tackling the contemporary comedy, Museum.

Written in 1976, Tina Howe’s Museum takes place on the final day of a group show of three fictional contemporary American artists. They are exhibited in a major museum of modern art and, in the course of the day, the usual suspects walk through the show: art lovers, skeptics, foreigners, students, lost souls, fellow artists, and museum guards.

The 12th grade's production of Museum explores the effect of art on the viewer, showing how reactions to a work of art say as much about the viewer and human nature, as they do about the work on display.

Directed by Colleen Everhart and produced by the senior class, all the 12th graders perform and many have more than one speaking part. They are receiving assistance from Nancy Melvin (costumes), Rick Paul and Frances Vig (set), Michele Preysler (hair and make-up) and Mike Smith (lights and AV) for their production.

Admission is free with donations gratefully accepted at the door. All donations will help fund the 12th grade’s Service Learning trip to the Yucatan in Mexico where they will work with the Mayan community on various service projects.