The Bulletin

We Honor John Northage: Waldorf Parent, Friend, Mentor, Who Was An Inspiration to Our Community

Sunday, January 2012

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of John Northage (pictured second from left above), a friend and parent of the Chicago Waldorf School for over 26 years. John died suddenly at his land in Indiana. John is survived by his wife Althea, his children Justin, Ari and Joanna, his three sisters, Jennifer, Joan and Victoria and his stepmother Mary Jane.

John was a gentle giant, who at first glance was larger than life, but once he spoke you could feel the kind soul who dedicated his life to healing people and teaching others to heal.

In the mid 1980’s John met Althea, the love of his life and they married in 1985, one day after Althea’s son Justin’s fourth birthday. Justin immediately started calling John his father and John immediately thought of Justin as his son. John and Althea went on to have two other children, Ariel and Joanna. Cumulatively, the Northage-Orr children have spent 44 years in Waldorf education (and counting) of which John deeply believed in.

We appreciate the value and legacy of this dear member of our school community.

John was an expert in Acupuncture, Structural Therapy and Cranio-Sacral therapy. In the late 1980’s, he and Althea founded the Chicago Center for Psychophysical Healing which became a successful holistic healing center in Chicago. A few years later they founded the Chicago College for the Healing Arts which has gone on to educate students in holistic healing and is still flourishing today.

John had an enormous heart; a kinder soul there never was.He would give you anything you needed, if it was the shirt off his back or just a good chuckle from one of his many jokes. He was a teacher to many and a mentor to many more. He was wise, understanding and caring. He was a healer, an entrepreneur, a husband, a father, a godfather and a friend to all people he came across. Perhaps John’s favorite activity was spending time in the woods, at his land in Indiana which he cultivated on regular weekend trips. He loved to farm and teach children about gardening and nurturing the earth. Chicago Waldorf School second graders have been visiting the Northage-Orr land for 20 years. John finally passed away peacefully on his cherished land. John was a man of action; he did not hesitate when he did something. His passing exemplified this.