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Waldorf Student Art Calendars & Notecards for 2013 are on Sale Now!

Share these great gifts for the holidays! Enjoy the presence of student artworks all year 'round!

These beautiful calendars and notecards feature "wet on wet" watercolor artworks by students of different ages and grades that demonstrate the painting curriculum in Waldorf Schools. Enjoy the richness of student expression from a variety of Waldorf schools throughout North America like schools in Anchorage, Alaska; Nashville, Tennessee; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Chicago, Illinois; Shelby, Vermont; Costa Mesa, California; and many more. These featured images reflect traditional Waldorf thematic topics, subjects and projects explored in each grade.
CLICK HERE to see visual samples of the Waldorf student art in the 2013 calendar and notecards.

All new 2013 Waldorf School Calendars feature beautiful, lush, colorful Waldorf student artworks

Calendars are now selling for $16.00! (with further discounts for bulk purchasing of 15 or more)
2013 Calendars have all new artworks collected this past year while the Note Cards are available in a variety of designs, sizes and sets. Card sets range in price from $8 - $24 depending on size and quantity of cards and envelopes. They make great gifts! And use these cards for holiday mailings, gift cards and year 'round correspondence.

Place orders with Karen Brennan at 773.828.8451 or

You have four ways to purchase calendars & cards: by above e-mail, phone, ORDER FORM or visit the school's main office.


Student Art holiday cards & Notecards for sale:

Above are a few samples of the many diverse watercolor artworks available in the card sets. To see ALL the artworks available in 2013 card sets and calendar, download this PDF of visual samples.

Current Card Sets for Sale include:

Holiday Cards (7" X 5") 24 cards / 6 images per set, includes 24 envelopes   $24 per set

     - Light & Joy Set  (texts inside: non-denominational, seasonal greetings)
     - Christmas Set    (texts inside: non-denominational, seasonal greetings)

All cards below are blank inside (only the HOLIDAY CARDS have interior seasons greetings).

Large Notecards (7" X 5")   12 cards / 4 or 6 images per set, includes 12 envelopes  $16 per set

     - Legends Set (4 images)
     - Distant Places Set  (6 images)

Medium Notecards (5" X 3.5")12 cards / 4 or 6 images per set, includes 12 envelopes   $12 per set

     - Sea Voyages Set  (6 images)
     - Tropical Set  (6 images)

Small Gift Cards (3.5" X 2.5")12 cards / 4 images per set, includes 12 envelopes    $8 per set

     - Flowers and Sunshine Set  (4 images)
     - Animal Kingdom Set  (4 images)

Promote Waldorf Education. Share these examples of student art and expression with your family and friends!